Ice Hockey Programs

Open Hockey

Sessions are practice sessions for hockey players of all ages that want to work on puck handling, shooting, passing, skating and other skills in a non-game situation. Full equipment is required and NO pickup games are allowed.

Admission is $20. Bring your own sticks and pucks.

Coaches with insurance are welcome to coach up to three players at a time. Coaches must wear a helmet and skates at all times.

Click here for the Rink Schedule.

Private Coaches

ALL coaches who would like to coach private lessons on either Open Freestyle ice, or Open Hockey ice must pre-register and upload insurance certificates valid now, and after July 1, 2021. Coaches must have valid insurance to enter the building.


Please distribute this link if you know a coach who is interested in teaching private lessons.

Stick Time

Stick Time is a pick-up style game hosted each Wednesday and Friday morning.

Admission is $20. Must be 16 years or older and full equipment is required.

Click here for the Rink Schedule.

Youth Hockey

Hard work produces results - The hockey programs at ISCC are designed to develop all players regardless of their current skill level.

Emphasizing the need for basic skills for beginners and high tempo, over-speed drills to challenge even the most experienced skater, our coaches encourage players to demand more of themselves. Hard work producing results.

In our clinics, on our teams, and in our hockey schools, we develop a competitive atmosphere while still keeping them fun.

After all, hockey is a game. Almost everyone plays games for the fun of it while hoping that their hard work may lead to greater things.

Coaching Staff

ISCC is pleased to bring you a staff with years of experience. Our elite crew includes college coaches, former hockey pros, former Olympians, the best college, high school and triple A hockey players coaching around.

All of our coaches have proven themselves successful at helping players bring their game to the next level.

Learn to Play Hockey

The Learn to Play Hockey program was developed to introduce aspiring young players (boys & girls), from any local area town, to the game of hockey - as a safe and positive experience. After a skater has completed Snowplow Sam 3 or Basic 1 or our Learn to Skate program, they are eligible to enroll in the Learn to Play class. The controlled environment is geared toward beginning players and teaches the basic skills of hockey as well self-confidence, teamwork, and fair play.

For more information, contact Kathleen Shea at or 860.651.5400 x22

Youth Hockey Teams


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